A Record of the Air from the Middle of a Cloud

6-channel generative sound installation
duration: open

A Record of the Air from the Middle of a Cloud exceprt

Work Description: An immersive sound installation that sonifies air quality data from the local area. Sounds are generated in real-time. Some sounds’ qualities are directly tied to the data–the speed at which virtual crickets “chirp” is determined by temperature, for example (at 0:15 in the excerpt above). While other sounds are more descriptive or evocative, such as breath-like sounds that become more relaxed or labored when particulate matter changes (at 2:44 in the excerpt above).

This work was part of the Tracing Thin Air collaboration with Karen Brummund and Allison Grant supported by the Verdant Fund. Read more about the work.

Screenshot of Max patch that drives the installation
screenshot of sample air quality data