With Hidden Noises – CD: Holland Hopson’s second release on Grab Rare Arts is now available. The CD features sounds from the With Hidden Noises installation (see below).

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With Hidden Noises – installation: an interactive audio installation based on Marcel Duchamp’s sculpture of the same name. The original sculpture contains an unkown object placed inside by Duchamp’s patron and collector Walter Arensberg. The sculpture rattles when shaken, making it an early example of audio art. Unfortunately, it is usually displayed in a vitrine and patrons aren’t allowed to activate it. Visitors to my installation can handle a replica of Duchamp’s readymade containing electronic sensors instead of an unkown object. Their interactions with the scultpture cause it to produce a variety of sounds related to Duchamp’s work.

maps CD cover

Maps: Holland Hopson’s first solo release on Grab Rare Arts. Maps features 6 tracks of soprano saxophone and interactive electronics–from the Sacred Harp-inspired “Kedron” to the aggresive textures of “Yellow Mama” and the haunting lyricism of “Still Moving.”

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Maps is also available at

Tru|One: my clawhammer-banjo based extended instrument.

sun drum moon rock dust dusk: (2003) Interactive installation; a self-regulating system of rocks on a drum activated by a light-sensitive tone generator. Photos from Rock Music installations, 031206, Austin, TX

Circuit Bending: resources and some of my recent circuit bent instruments and photos from a recent hardware hacking and circuit bending workshop.

Hunting and Gathering CD cover

Hunting and Gathering: electro-acoustic improvisations by Holland Hopson and James Keepnews.

Metaharmonic Records first release, Holland Hopson/James Keepnews Hunting and Gathering (MHR-0001). Buy now by clicking the PayPal button above, or order it online at CDeMUSIC or Squidco. CDs are available at Downtown Music Gallery (NYC)–where they also wrote a review of the release. Or you can always order CD’s through Grab Rare Arts.

go to the listen page to hear an mp3 stream of Hunting and Gathering or download mp3s.

ABCD: an audio art CD in collaboration with Jacqueline Goss exploring the intersection of written and spoken language–orality vs. literacy. 26 short pieces, one for each letter of the alphabet

Flyovers: an audio art CD of airplane flyovers collected at various times and places. Each piece has a similar arc shape, a familiar trajectory of our time. Flyover II was included in Crossing the Line at the Queens Museum, Queens, NY and on the CD, Total Electric Living, curated by Stephen Vitiello.

Field Recording Archives: I’m slowly transferring field recordings from DAT onto CD. These archives will eventually include over 100 hours of sounds recorded in over a dozen countries. Listen to mp3 samples.

Birdcage: a real-time installation of John Cage’s Birdcage. Presented at ISEA, Paris, France and Engine 27, New York, NY. See some photos.