Brush Mind: Begin To – Screening and Performance

The University of Alabama Art and Art History Department will present Hank Lazer and me in a poetry and music performance along with a screening of our latest collaborative video Brush Mind: Begin To.

Holland Hopson (L) and Hank Lazer (R) at the Blue Ridge Art Center, Seneca South Carolina

Wednesday February 7, 2024 at 12pm
Brush Mind: Begin To – Hank Lazer and Holland Hopson
Sarah Moody Gallery of Art
Tuscaloosa AL
part of the 2024 Biennial Faculty Exhibit

Hank and I have collaborated over the last four years on a variety of projects including three installments of the Brush Mind series, the book with accompanying album field recordings     of mind     in morning, and recent performances at the New Orleans Poetry Festival and Blue Ridge Arts Center.

Building a Pyramid in a Day at Primal III

Flyer artwork by Michael Okum

I’m happy to have my newest work of plotter art, Three Ways to Build a Pyramid in a Day included in the Primal Disposition III: Sacred Triangle exhibit at the Vestige Concept Gallery in Pittsburgh. The exhibit runs through November 12. There’s an opening reception on Saturday, October 7 at 6pm.

3D Printed Temple Blocks

YouTube player

I’ve posted info about 3D printed wood blocks or temple blocks to the Digitally Fabricated Instruments section of my site. This represents my first experiments with digitally fabricated instruments and parametric design.

Follow the link above for .stl files to print your own instruments. You can also find OpenSCAD .scad files so you can customize the design to your needs.