Algorithmic Assemblages: Do Machines Dream of Art?

A collotype with a highly conspicuous portrayal of Classrooms making clear selected details about mathematical ability in children (2023) Parker Zimmerman

I’m in Austin to celebrate the closing of the exhibition Algorithmic Assemblages: Do Machines Dream of Art? assembled by Sarah Norris‘s students at the iSchool at the University of Texas.

The students have put together a great exhibit realizing hypothetical works of art suggested by my piece A Work of Art for Every Entry in Index—Subjects—Library of Congress. See an online version of the piece here. They’ve also created activities for exhibition visitors and an excellent website.

The exhibition closing reception is Thursday, April 13, 2o23 at 12:30-1:30pm.

March 30 – April 13, 2023
Algorithmic Assemblages: Do Machines Dream of Art?
University of Texas at Austin
iSchool (UTA), room 1.506
1606 Guadalupe
Austin TX

I didn’t get a chance to promote yesterday’s talk about Data as Medium at the UTVAC, but I greatly appreciate the invitation, their hospitality, and everyone who showed up for the event.

Infobahn 2023

My plotter drawing seedscape 19 is included in the Infobahn exhibit at the Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA) in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The exhibit runs from February 11 to May 13.

ACA is such a special place. I had a great experience there in 2011 as an artist-in-residence working with composer David Behrman.

Half at Bradley

Half Premonitions of the Moon, the collaborative piece Sarah Bryant and I created, is included in the 38th Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition opening tomorrow in Peoria, Illinois. The exhibit is the second-longest running juried print and drawing competition in the US. Tyanna J. Buie juried this year’s exhibition which runs until March 31, 2023.

Tracing Thin Air Installation

The collaborative Tracing Thin Air project I’ve been making with Karen Brummund and Allison Grant culminates in a one-night only video and sound installation on Friday.

December 2 7-9pm
Tracing Thin Air Installation
between Monarch Coffee and The Alcove
Tuscaloosa AL

For this part of the project I’ve created a sound installation driven by air quality data that we collected over the last 9 months using Purple Air sensors. I sonify the data using a variety of sound generating and audio processing devices built with Cycling ’74’s Max.

Screenshot of Tracing Thin Air Max patch

It’s been fun digging into Max’s multichannel mc. system, especially in combination with the gen~ suite of objects. Graham Wakefield & Gregory Taylor’s excellent book Generating Sound & Organizing Time has been a particularly timely (hah!) and useful resource. Highly recommended.

Tracing Thin Air Exhibit

Hopson: Average Color of the Sky Every Minute for 24 Hours – 20220915

I’ve been having a great time working with Karen Brummund and Allison Grant on our collaborative project Tracing Thin Air. The exhibition portion of the project opens Friday at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A one-night-only video and sound installation will follow in early December.

November 4 – 18
Tracing Thin Air Exhibition
Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center
Tuscaloosa AL
Opening reception: Friday November 4 5-7pm

Read more about the event

Tracing Thin Air is supported by the Verdant Fund.