Algorithmic Assemblages: Do Machines Dream of Art?

A collotype with a highly conspicuous portrayal of Classrooms making clear selected details about mathematical ability in children (2023) Parker Zimmerman

I’m in Austin to celebrate the closing of the exhibition Algorithmic Assemblages: Do Machines Dream of Art? assembled by Sarah Norris‘s students at the iSchool at the University of Texas.

The students have put together a great exhibit realizing hypothetical works of art suggested by my piece A Work of Art for Every Entry in Index—Subjects—Library of Congress. See an online version of the piece here. They’ve also created activities for exhibition visitors and an excellent website.

The exhibition closing reception is Thursday, April 13, 2o23 at 12:30-1:30pm.

March 30 – April 13, 2023
Algorithmic Assemblages: Do Machines Dream of Art?
University of Texas at Austin
iSchool (UTA), room 1.506
1606 Guadalupe
Austin TX

I didn’t get a chance to promote yesterday’s talk about Data as Medium at the UTVAC, but I greatly appreciate the invitation, their hospitality, and everyone who showed up for the event.

Listening as Creative Act

I’ve been invited by the Bureau for Experimental Ethnography at the University of Texas in Austin to give a talk tomorrow called “Listening as Creative Act.” I’ll be talking about my work with field recordings, improvisation, open form scores and interactivity. The event is open to the public.

Monday April 10, 2023 1pm
Listening as Creative Act
RLP 1.302B
University of Texas
Austin TX

Whirligig Instruments

digitally fabricated instruments including bullroarer, bumblers and whistles

I’ve posted details about a collection of whirligig instruments I created. The instruments use generative design techniques and can be produced with digital fabrication tools: 3D printer, laser engraver/cutter, etc. The instruments are designed to make sound when spun on the end of a string. They include bullroarers, whistles and instruments I call bumblers that use vibrating rubber bands to make buzzing sound.

You can find the .stl and .svg files to cut and print your own instruments on the pages linked above. You can also find OpenSCAD .scad files so you can customize the designs to your needs.

Gates Ensemble Remastered

During last week’s Bandcamp Friday flurry I didn’t get a chance to highlight the release of the remastered Gates Ensemble album: 16 october 03 on Burning Harpsichord Records. The album features a lovely composition by Travis Weller: reinforce one another, conditions for contraction and an untitled improvisation by the group. This release also includes a special bonus track uncovered during the remastering

Playing with the Gates Ensemble was one of the highlights of my time in Austin, Texas. The group consists of

Brent Fariss – contrabass
Jacob Green – piano and electronics
Holland Hopson – banjo and electronics
Josh Ronsen – clarinet and piano
Bill Thompson – electronics
Travis Weller – violin and electronics

We’ve gotten together once or twice in various configurations since Bill and Jacob and I left Texas. Hopefully there’ll be more Gates Ensemble performances and recordings again soon.