Sound Drawing

Drawing from the third piece in my set at They, Who Sound on Monday 22 November 2021

Many thanks to Nameless Sound, Dave Dove, Thomas Helton, Anthony and Lawndale Arts Center for a great They, Who Sound show in Houston on Monday night! Here’s a guitar-driven drawing created during my set.

I wrote code in Processing to produce these images. Each note I play on the guitar spawns a particle which a traverses the space of the drawing, interacting with virtual gravitational fields.

Sounding in Houston with Helton

So happy to be returning to Houston, TX on Monday night. I’ll be playing a solo set with video and an improvised set with bassist, Thomas Helton. Helton will also play a solo set. The concert is part of the They, Who Sound series presented by Nameless Sound and Lawndale.

Monday November 22
7:30pm (doors at 7pm)
They, Who Sound
Lawndale Art & Performance Center
4912 Main St
Houston TX

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve played in Houston. The last time was on another They, Who Sound event in September 2012(!). And it’s been at least that long since I played with Thomas, so this duo performance is long overdue. In fact, the last time I played with Thomas, I was performing on soprano sax–that’s how long it’s been.