The Next Moment

The next concert in my Birmingham New Music Festival schedule is The Next Moment, tonight at East Village Arts in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m playing a new piece for extended banjo and live electronics that uses automated phone system samples (“To speak with a customer representative…press 9…”). Craig Hultgren will premiere As Safe As If It Were In The Fire for ecello and live electronics.

Saturday, May 11, 2024 5pm
The Next Moment: Mostly Improv
2024 Birmingham New Music Festival
East Village Arts
7611 1st Ave N
Birmingham AL 35206

Other composers and improvisers on the program include Rob Voisey, the festival’s guest composer visiting from NYC, LaDonna Smith, Michael Coleman, and Joshua David Davis.

Davey Williams Memorial Guitar Festival

We honor and remember the incomparable guitarist and improviser Davey Williams this weekend at East Village Arts in Birmingham. The Davey Williams Memorial Guitar Festival runs Friday through Sunday March 3-5 and will feature guitar solos by local and guest performers, a guitar parade, performances on cast iron guitars and Jean-Jacque Gaudel’s invented instruments, and more. There will also be a screening of Lee Shook’s documentary about Davey, Convulsive Blues. I’ll be performing on Sunday as part of the Antennae Road Orchestra, reinterpreting selected improvisations from Williams’ Antenna Road album. See below for the address, full schedule and festival pass info.

Davey Williams’ books, CDs, t-shirts (and these sweet bumper stickers) will also be available.

Bumper Sticker: SKRONK! if you heart Davey Williams

MARCH 3-5, 2023       EAST VILLAGE ARTS     7611 1st Ave. N.  

6:00 POTLUCK/ Hospitality/EXHIBITION/byob
7:00 – !0:00 featuring: Cast Iron Guitars
Guitar Solos/”Round Robins”
Killick Hinds: h’arpeggione, Big red harp guitar

6:00 POTLUCK/ Hospitality/EXHIBITION/byob
7:00 – !0:00  featuring: Cast Iron Guitars
Guitar Solos/ ”Round Robins”
Musical Inventions of Jean-Jacque Gaudel
Brady Sharp: solo electric guitar

6:00   POTLUCK/ Hospitality/EXHIBITION/byob
7:00 – 9:00  CONCERT and “TALL TALES” & Cast Iron Guitars
Documentary Film: “CONVULSIVE BLUES” by Lee Shook
performed by UAB Jazz Ensemble & Community Musicians

$10 single    $20 Donation/VIP FESTIVAL PASS