Gates Ensemble Remastered

During last week’s Bandcamp Friday flurry I didn’t get a chance to highlight the release of the remastered Gates Ensemble album: 16 october 03 on Burning Harpsichord Records. The album features a lovely composition by Travis Weller: reinforce one another, conditions for contraction and an untitled improvisation by the group. This release also includes a special bonus track uncovered during the remastering

Playing with the Gates Ensemble was one of the highlights of my time in Austin, Texas. The group consists of

Brent Fariss – contrabass
Jacob Green – piano and electronics
Holland Hopson – banjo and electronics
Josh Ronsen – clarinet and piano
Bill Thompson – electronics
Travis Weller – violin and electronics

We’ve gotten together once or twice in various configurations since Bill and Jacob and I left Texas. Hopefully there’ll be more Gates Ensemble performances and recordings again soon.