Forest in the City

I had a great time at the recent Forest in the City event at Eyedrum in Atlanta, Georgia. The hybrid installation/concert featured the Bent Frequency Duo and was organized by Adam Mirza. The event was part of the SEAMUS 2024 distributed national conference. The event featured custom-built wooden panels outfitted with transducers so that they function as speakers.

My work A Record of the Air from the Middle of a Cloud was adapted for percussionist Stuart Gerber and saxophonist Jan Berry Baker of the Bent Frequency Duo. They played beautifully and the sounds were truly immersive with the speakers arranged throughout the space.

Read a review of the event at EarRelevant.


David George HASKELL: Field Recordings from Georgia Woodlands
Alex CHRISTIE: tuning for now & again
Daniel SMITH: Side B
Iddo AHARON: Xylem Dreams
Giorgio MAGNANENSI: il Guadagnini, sound sculpture, 2017
Kerrith LIVENGOOD: the smallest flock
Jeremy Castro BAGUYOS: Respite
Daniel KARCHER: Circles of the World
Holland HOPSON: A Record of the Air from the Middle of a Cloud
Kittie COOPER: the lightest things float to the top
Garrison GERARD: Within Ice
Nicholas CLINE: When We Speak of the Land
Adam MIRZA: Cracks
John MOELLER: Induction/Transduction
Scott L. MILLER: A Garden Within a Forest